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Jan, 2020

False Information On FB

Happy new year there is some miss information being spread an i want to to clear it up. South hills was not removed from Mt. Baldy they left on there own. There disqualification from last years super bowl was a national decision for an ineligible player an you saw the statement from them. But south hills gave every piece of information requested from the region an Wescon felt that they proved there case. National stated they got other information an picture that they had there local police dept. look at an they made the decision. There was a lot of false statements that it was the NFL players association an Drew Brees loss of sponsorships to national which was false. The members of Mt.Baldy demanded a statement from the national office an got. Now as far as RC pop Warner the cut an paste job you saw from national is false I've sent Tom our web master a copy of the email from Sam an the birth certificate problem at the beginning of the season was caught by rancho leadership myself an Wescon an national were notified all persons involve were removed from the program an games were forfeited an documents were turned over to police dept. so going forward please disregard any statements coming out of the south hill camp we wish them all the best in there new conference. I directed Tom yesterday for all the pop warner administrators not to respond please.
This Was Received from National Pop Warner sent to me Steve By Sam Mutz
That is not from me or our office. Someone created that statement and forged my name.
Sam Mutz
Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc.
586 Middletown Blvd., Suite C-100
Langhorne, PA 19047
Hi Steve,
This social post that was passed along to us was not sent out by me or our office. That post is falsified information. Not sure where if came from or who posted it, but it's not accurate and the individual(s) posting it are lying. We have not sent any communication out except what we sent you yesterday.
Please know any/all communication regarding this or any other issue with Mt. Baldy will come from our office directly to you including the Region Management Team.

Let us know if this helps. We do not recommend posting this online as things are getting twisted, falsified and misrepresented.

Sam Mutz
Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc.
586 Middletown Blvd., Suite C-100
Langhorne, PA 19047

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